Head Strike - Football match
Head Strike - Football match

Here comes the moment we all were waiting for such a long time - the brand new game has been released by the AlphaNova developer, one of the new stars of the current gamedev branch. The game became interesting the same day after its prototype had been represented by the developer. And it's not only because of the superb fancy graphics and game design or the multi effects, which make you vibe playing it and forget about the time. Head Strike is a masterpiece in a simulation games world, which gathers all the features we like such kinds of games for. And those features make it so popular.

But let`s be patient and check all the details of Head Strike in a list:

  1. Customized graphics  - is a secret of keeping the game fresh while proceeding playing. It comes with a high quality traced players and locations of where the game takes part. Designer`s talent, rich selection of characters, who can fit or change the players, shocking hints release, effects and excellent color combinations let your eyes rest on watching this game. That's why we are not surprised that many fans and ordinary users can't stop playing Head Strike or watching their friends play it. One more pleasant surprise for you comes with regular game updates which release the graphics changes and updates.

  2. This is a completely online game with the ability to play crazy soccer with real players, not only the computer. If you have an old buddy or fellow, then you might probably know what to do togehter when you have some time - make fun while playing the Head Strike, commenting on the wins or loses will make you and your friend fun for all day and leave pleasant memories for you both. If you play this game with your girlfriend - you have a chance to win a wish from her and have an even more pleasant time, then with your friend:) When you're alone - you can choose random opponent players online and play your favorite game all day long.

  3. A huge selection of different characters keeps Head Strike fresh and interesting for a long time. You can choose the player from your favorite team and try to make the same hints in the game as your idol was making in the current season while his team is attending the World football Cup or European Champions League. Maybe you want to play against his main competitor - that`s one more thing we love this game for. Are you a fan of some movie or the lifestyle? - Then you can choose the character from your story and make him play soccer to learn some skills.

  4. And what do you think, which feature goes far away from real soccer when it comes to the Head Strike? That're the skills, if you know what I'm talking about. When it comes to skills - this game has no limits - super power kicks, freezing, bombing, hypnotizing rain effects and many other effects and hints, which explode your imagination and make the game so interesting you want to play it again and again. By the way, each character has both - some common hints, which works for all other characters and his individual hints and effects, which you might love him for.

  5. We always thought the same rules are not so fun but if they are always different. That's why we released it in the Head Strike - you can set and play your rules now. In this way you may surplus your hint effect and your character image and make the game more vibrant and funny.

  6. And the rating, developed for true fans of the Head Strike. The main rating rule is - the far you go - the more power you have. Get some skills and enter the next level with your character - this will make your rating grow. Choose the right character, who lets your rating grow faster and you will see how stronger you become very soon. When signed in - all your progress could be saved and you can start from your favorite level the next day. You can also go back to the level you like to proceed with your funny story.

What news, mates! Head Strike is really an awesome game, which is worth your attention. The developer gives us the ability to make some fun with his game anytime and everywhere. By the way, watch out the news about the updates so as not to miss the new release of the Head Strike!

Take your fun and have a nice gaming!